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Fire is the giver of life, did you know that the fires that happen naturally in the wild are needed to sustain life. It’s true, although I am not going to go into the whys right now. It’s a fact of life and for sure Google can confirm my statement. Fire has so many uses, think about what we use fire for, cooking, heating our water, heating radiators, mostly I think fire is used to warm us up to maintain our core body temperature. Fire helps sustain us in lots of ways. I mean the fire we all rely on the most is the sun.

The sun is amazing it gives us our daylight, warmth, even our seasons are a  consequence of fire. The plants that grow, trees that bear fruit, fields that have crops. Even fuel that we make from rape seed is made from fire. Because with out the sun photosynthesis would not take place. We could not exsist without it, yet some see fire as distructive, which of course it is if it’s not contained. When I think about cancer and what uses it has, I wonder why we allow something so distructive to live amongst us. Is it because of greed are the pharmacutical companies making that much money from cancer and the chemothearopy they dish out, that they can’t allow a cure?

Please comment because I am interested in your views. 

One thing is for sure though we need fire, you girls love to use fire and get a suntan, we use it in so many ways. Do you know the sun never sets the same ever, that the colours are different every time. That it’s not even a sunset, it’s the earth that’s moving and not the sun. It’s an earth set really, maybe I am rambling, but I am in such awe of the planet and how it works. Heck I even photographed my own fire yesterday. I contemplate all these things because I have life and am interested in how life is sustained. 

I love to watch our fire dance at night, it’s our way of laughing at the weather. It’s like the rain is knocking on the window, trying to get in. To find a warmer place. I can’t think of a more valuable power source except of course the power that made the sun. Now there is a subject to codgitate on.



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