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Although I have blogged about this before, You are what you say you are. This is how coach Jerry puts it in his blog. This is his web site address. 


So I was chatting to Jerry this morning backwards and forwards on WordPress commenting on each other’s posts. He mentioned to me about the power of words, how we can speak life to ourselves by saying the words “I am” 3 letters but yet possibly the most powerful words we can say. As Jerry reminded me the bible starts with those words, as was the world if you believe it happened that way (I do).

So for me this is where confidence starts, by saying those words. I remember a long time ago hating the reflection I saw in the mirror, the events that led to me believing that of myself makes no difference here. But the point is, the man/boy that looked back I disliked intensely. I said sentences like “I am useless” “I am a failure” “I am a waste of space” I believed it. So if I believed it why would anyone else think better of me. It had to start with me saying the words, before I would in fact start believing it. It may sound strange the sentence “I am beautiful” but that’s what I started to say when I looked in the mirror.

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Ok so I did not believe it, in fact I spoke some pretty blue language the first time I said it. I did not believe it at all, my self esteem “well I did not have any”  I believed who was looking back was worthless and it had to start with the words ” I am beautiful” slowly but surely my confidence grew. Every time I looked at my reflection saying the words that I did not believe. There were tears, there were arguments with myself. But confidence is not a gift, you don’t get a gift of confidence. It is something you choose, something you cultivate. It starts by speaking life into your own life, it starts with the words “I am” but it’s what ever you choose to put after those 3 letters that is in your destruction or in your victory. 

I can be what ever I choose to be, it started with I am. Here I am so long after that in fact 24 years of building my own confidence, choosing to speak life to myself. Then leading me to a diagnosis and a long arduace fight having my confidence tested, time and time again. It’s about what you choose this life, you can help someone grow over time. But it can be destroyed by saying one sentence. So thank you Jerry for reminding me of that “I am” and I hope that someone out there reads this and becomes confident because you read it.

Have a great weekend