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When I hear those two words together I always think of the bee gees.mgotta find that on you tube in a bit. Many people are reading my blog these days that did not have cancer, they had a battle but not cancer. They are also being encouraged by hearing about my journey. I love that, I love that people affected by illness are being encouraged. Maybe I slipped up there and should have called my blog  fonzandillness.

It seems like so many people around the world are fighting something, if not ALL of mankind. I think we are all going through something in our lives. I am thankful to still have today, today. Off to put a shed up with a mate in a bit, how cool that I am even able to do that. It’s ace….

Staying alive is not a battle it’s lots of them all strung together that make up a war. The trick is to get each battle sorted minute by minute. Eventually the day will be done, but don’t let that day be over without looking around at what beauty surrounds us. We live on an amazing planet, and you are just a timy speck on that planet. We are all important in our own way, but what’s amazing is. You could be holding the words someone needs to stay alive today. You could be the tonic they need today, you have so much to give. What use is it in your head, it’s only helping you. How many others could you help by spending a few moments to share your thoughts with us all. The human race is an amazing web of awesomeness, make sure your a good part of that, what ever your fighting, your exsperiences are there to help others live a better life.

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