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I don’t want to hear how well Peggy Sue is doing,  I know she is doing better than I was at that point in recovery, but this is how I feel. Have you ever thought that? Well I have! People saying  how well other people are doing in their recovery. Well you have to know that while people see me as strong and unshakable, I have side effects in recovery that are normal, but not all people have the same as I do. In fact I would go so far as to say no one has exactly the same side effects as another person. I get more side effects the more I do, which is a bit frustrating to say the least. 

I was talking to someone today what was saying, that she wants to tell people how she feels not have people tell her how others have felt. This is NOT selfish, this is part of the process of having a disease. Part of a recovery process, it’s one of the golden rules when talking to someone quit saying what is was like unless you say ” would you like to hear how it was for me”? I have had people say no. Oh and guess what, that’s fine to. Because the battle someone faces is worse than anyone else’s as it unfolds. What they face is real NOW, so many people think that telling the world how it was for someone else, is “comforting?” I know right? 

You know what comforting. Knowing that person has their phone next to them for you yo call if you need to. A gentle text, flowers that smell nice. That can also be a problem if they have lost the ability to taste or smell. The most important thing to do, here it is the money sentence. LISTEN…..  Just listen to them, hug them and make sure they know you care! Simple isn’t it and yes it really is that simple. Sometimes sitting and saying nothing is better than trying to make conversation.



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