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It is a fact that diamonds will last forever. Out last me or you, Lilly Allen says people die trying yo find them. Whilst I don’t like some of her language in her song I do believe her. I mean what’s more important in life, a diamond that will outlast me or you or what truly matters. Have you indeed worked out what truly matters? You live a life, and search for the secret of life, you try to find it in gold, money, diamonds, all the while being distracted by women and things that perish and rust away. You see I think I have found the answer and it most certainly isn’t in diamonds, gold or anything else that lives on this planet.

The things that are priceless on this earth are not even from this earth, it can’t be seen touched or held. We are made to be humans that have emotion, is that emotion in a marriage, a relationship. Is it not true that we will never know if a person loves us, they may show us by actions, gifts, holidays, even diamonds. But surely 7 billion people have not been put on this planet for Gods own pleasure. I mean I know God laughs with us all as he watches us scrat around, living our aimless lives. 

If you can see or touch it, it is worthless, maybe not completely but most certainly what we can touch and feel in its physical form will not exsist some day.

Are not the things that truly matter in life, unseen priceless and worth our effort. After all when we leave this planet we will leave with nothing, so what will we leave behind. A house, a car, some bonds, Β£25. A diamond worth a fortune? It’s all worthless in the end. So what is it that has worth in my opinion, it’s clearly not physical. You would be right there.

It’s about integrity, faith to believe that no matter what happens. That you are doing your best, you make people feel the feeling inside that brings security, Love and a belief that what you dream is not futile. What matters is the differance you make in someone’s life, the way you make them feel inside. Non of what I speak of costs anything except the time God has given you on this earth. What you think your so special that God has a different plan for you? No one is that special, we are all given the same capabilities, but different journeys. I believe you can encourage someone, that you are given that ability. Choose to be that person that makes someone feel amazing, as apposed to seeking for yourself. Give someone that smile only you can give them today, someone’s happiness is in your hands. Love is without doubt the greatest gift of all.



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