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  One thing the Internet is amazing for is to bring back times in our lives from the time we want to remember. Here are some pictures and videos to remember the 80s. Starting with 30 of the top songs that were played at that time.

Thriller video was one of the most watched videos of all time.

It was a time when calculators became watches, they could only tell the time and add up though. Some of course did have stop watches unlike the I phone watch that enables us to have a face time chat. Something I thought would never be possible.


The James Bond car was a Lotus

British leyland were making the Princess, Montego and Metro. People looked at each other when they spoke to each other, unless they were doing the rubix cube.

 We had tape recorders and bought tapes with the name platinum on them, we recorded the top 40 on the radio and were always worried if we would get caught. Recording it was a work of art, trying to get it stopped before the dj spoke.

People had big hair and walked around with guetto blasters on our shoulders, well I did. Yoda and rocky were on our screens.Pacman was a  game everyone had heard of. Big hair and streets were normal, winkle pickers  were worn on your feet and thongs really were worn by women, not on your feet if your Australian. The smell of Castrol R two stroke oil was awesome if you liked motor bikes. The Audi Quattro was the car that dominated the rally scene, I would own one in the future. This was mine.

GTI were the letters everyone knew.

When someone said “Do you want to play a game” you were sat next to each other not on the Internet. For us some of what we did is here.

Portable phones had a 30 m cable attached to them, which meant you could walk around your house talking. If you were not born in the sixties you did not become an adult surrounded by these things. A video recorders pause button was broken on it due to us boys trying to pause it at the right time, when Barbara winsors top came off in the carry on movie at that time.

Pernod and black was my drink of choice, (What did I know)!!
What are your memories growing up? Has this blog reminded you of any?

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