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Through Crystal Glass 2Through Crystal Glass was inspired by my friend Fonz (Mark) in a post he titled “The Window”.  His post and associated comments inspired me to take my own journey through “The Window” and at his request… This is what I found there…

Thank you Fonz…

Through Crystal Glass

I peered through crystal window glass
In darkness fore the dawn
Searching for tomorrow’s light
Through musings of my yawn…
I traveled far beyond the walls
Where others do not stare
Where dreams are not just jaded hope
When troubled souls come bare
As hues of dawn touched window’s glass
Reflecting morning’s dew
When fog touched soft the lily field
Brought visions into view
I saw them on the mountain top
Their palms toward the sky
With beams of healing hues of green
And teardrops in their eyes
They offered me a crystal stone
Amethyst clear and pure

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