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So what will it take for you to believe in your path, that YOU have chosen. Today has been a day where I have looked for inspiring blogs. Blogs that seem to exist to help other people and not themselves.  I have found one completely new one.


Trouble is while I wanted to tell you all of other blogs I have not worked out how to do it. So I will just continue to do what I do and that’s encourage. However I am learning, there is a blogger that has tried to help me, she is very selfless.

Then of course there is a blog that seems to be helping many people, he does help most people. He has the ethos that by helping someone else. It will in turn help him using the “reap what you sow”  belief.

I wonder what you are here for? Are you here for yourself, or to tell the world something you think the world wants to hear. Or are you here for other people and mean it when you ask if someone is ok. This next person does mean it.
They are the only ones I will share today. But I hope to figure out how to grab people’s links and do a blog that benefits many soon. Any feed back to do that would be appreciated. 

The Vision of Poets

Have a great evening or day. Believe in yourself and don’t stop going for your goal.



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