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If it was not for cancer, I would not have even explored blogging. Don’t you think that’s sad, how I had to get chronically ill before I felt I had something to offer the world.  I do, I mean we are all people with something to offer the world. As my dear friend Rob says “Everything is connected to everything” I have decided, well I did a long time ago. I just did not know how to make it happen. To mention bloggers every week, a kind of blogger of the week post. Only there may be just one or more than one. I am not really into these awards, but I am into recognising people that have been good people. People that blog to help others, and write to benefit others lives, not advertising bloggers, or product bloggers. I am interested in people that want other people to do well.

I have talked in previous blogs about, not giving a hand out rather a leg up. There are the two types of people. The ones that want a free gift, or hand out. Then there are the go getters, the ones that are already doing for other people but need a leg up, or a helping hand. Not because they don’t want to do, but because they are doing and because they are, the road became a bit more tricky. I love selfless people, because I was selfish once. I was someone that had a chip on my shoulder and thought the world owed me. Is it not us that owes the world… Why was I like that, who did I think I was! Well that does not matter really, because what’s important is what we are. NOT what we were. We choose who we are today, where as we chose what we were. The most wonderful thing about today is, that we can be a better us today than we were yesterday.

I seem to be getting a lot of people reading my blogs in Canada at the moment, I wonder if that’s because you guys are all snowed in. I imaging log cabins, lakes, snow, Indian style canoes and massive pine trees when I think of Canada. Thank you all for reading. Wouldn’t it be good if all bloggers had a flag of the country they are in next to their name?

I hope you all have a great day, and thank you one and all for reading my blog, have an enjoyable day. Remember today is the day to make the change, start believing in you. Start stepping out in faith, every journey starts with one step. You can’t start a journey unless you put one foot forward. Today is that day.

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