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My whole journey has been a walk by faith really, a walk by faith being; my walk believing without seeing that God would provide the tools I needed to get through the Cancer journey. As I was sat there today, I realised that if I did not get a move on I would just have to do our normal walk that me and Faith do. ( faith is our dog ) I wanted to take her somewhere different today. Somewhere neither of us had been. So I had to neglect my blog today, I have been working hard reaching out to as many people as possible while I have been recovering. The pain in my legs is horrendous sometimes, so pain killers downed and off we went to parblold hill and walk by a stream. Here are some pictures I took whilst we walked.

As I walked through the woods, I slowly realised that I was on a journey that although completely different to my cancer journey I was actually realising the journey was quite similar. Are you ready for the similarities? So as I walked I saw deep water, and some that was running quite fast. I remembered how it felt trying to keep my head above water, treading water whilst doing my best get to the next stage.

Faith was with me

  And I could see in the distance a bridge across the water that was so hard to wade through, the water being the chemo and the bridge being my stem cells being transplanted which gave me hope that cancer would not come back. On the journey we saw trees that were broken and snapped beyond repair. That’s how it felt at times, just “Broken” just that.


This one really hit Home and even called the picture “Broken”  the thing that I got from this was, that once we are broken, we are never the same again. The thing that broke us did that, we become new that’s true. But what does new mean,mwell for some it may mean living life without a limb if your a soldier, living life without someone you loved. 

Even though that was a painful part of my journey I walked on, the pain was like shards of glass cutting my feet as I walked. Yet I smiled, I smiled because I knew that even though there was a broken point, perhaps many I was still able to see a new view. Why because I carried on.

It really was like my cancer journey was being played out on this walk. Like I was being shown what was and what is. That yes there have been struggles, pain even loss. But there is a new way ahead now and by faith I must believe that the path is already laid out for me. I am in a position where for I wanted to I could just down my I pad leave all this and go and sell a product for a friend and maybe even make a few quid. But that’s not what I went through cancer for, I went through it to, help others in their lives, maybe not help but encourage people to make a differance in the life that they have.

That’s why walking by faith the route will be revealed to me. I have come to a choice to either follow my heart or do what I have always done. Make a few quid, but that does not make a differance, what makes a differance is following by faith the path laid out before us. It may even have some rewards along the way. Who knows.

Enjoy your walk



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