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1 step, 1 punch, 1 round at a time.
Advice I most definitely would dispatch to anyone fighting cancer, don’t look to far ahead, look at the hear and now and getting through that. Because in my mind, that’s all someone can do when the odds don’t seem in your favour. My favourite films are the Rocky films, I must have watched them a thousand times. During my hospital stay, having my transplant. I would say (the wife gave the statistics to me, she was there to) I watched rocky 3 and 4 over and over for 4 10 days straight. 

For me anyway it was always about getting through those impossible minutes. Gaining victory every minute, because I realised early on that a second was possible in that room, but a minutia was not. But I could string 60 seconds together to make an impossible minute. And string 60 of those together to make an hour eventually 20 days later I was on the way home. 

You see the only thing getting in the way of you and cancer, is you. You are the only way to beat cancer, even if you are terminal ( which we all are) it’s your willingness to fight that stands between you and a smile. You choose to sit where you do and wallow. You also choose to use what’s available to you and make something happen. Even if it is a walk in the garden, and I know how hard a walk in the garden can be. 

Photographs of your garden, listening to the conversation that is the planet is in your hands, and choices. Choose to fight every second to get to the end and here those words. The words you crave to hear, make a difference with your life. It’s yours after all, we will all die one day. Don’t feel sorry that will happen, feel amazing you had and have a life to live today!
So we have just finished watching Creed, I feel amazing that I am in my 48th year really amazed we got here, I have my wife and the power that’s in the name of Jesus to thank for that. Because that is where my strength came from. Choose to fight, 1 step at a time.

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