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It’s a tough old challenge to make happen some times, I set it for myself. To blog everyday for 365 days straight, I am still on target although I am having a bit of a break this weekend. I hope you don’t mind, but my wife has the weekend off so I am going to spend it with her. We are going to hold hands, walk, talk, eat, and generally enjoy spending time together.

I think it’s vital to make sure that my marriage remains healthy. It’s all very well taking on a challenge that huge. But Andie is my world and not to be neglected.  She got her last management feedback last nigh before entering into the executive world. I could not be more proud. That lady has helped me though cancer in a year and maintained an impeccable record working full time. Now there is one amazing girl. I am incredibly proud of her, and whilst she won’t like me putting it out there, it won’t change that I am proud of her.

It’s time for us now and I am gonna enjoy it, it’s rare she has time off call, faithy is coming to. I will take some pictures today and no doubt blog about where we have been and what we have done later. Until then, have a great day everyone. Don’t forget the people that love is in our daily lives, they are after all the people we have chosen to love forever. Whilst I love blogging, and all you bloggers that have decided I am value enough for you to follow. We all have lives and people that we need to give to in the physical. 

Have a great day



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