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No one can stop you from having a dream, no one can stop you from setting any goal you want to set. The man that does, WILL have hardship, that man will have a stumbling blocks placed before him. Of course those that do not do are no threat to the world, so guess what,you are more likely to have an easier ride than the man that does. You see in life, there will not be great things done, unless you think great. Right at the start of Cancer for me, which lets face it is. (Life) but did not cancer happen so that men might have life.. Really it’s true, God uses weakness. He will not use strength unless that strength has been learnt through humility, humility comes from weakness. Your purpose is greater than your pain.

In my life, a life I have chosen to have. I dare to dream and by faith believe that that dream will happen. Every dream I have involves people being blessed, I hope for love and healing for people that suffer. It’s not just cancer sufferers I  hope will be blessed, and even healed. You have a right to dream, and the dream can be as big as you like. But seriously, how can any man make a dream come true if he has no dream. 

 Who ever you are, what ever you face you can. Only the thoughts in your mind restrict you,  but believing by faith can bring all your dreams to fruition and much more. I share how I feel and the struggles I face daily, so that you can know that it’s normal to feel low, it’s normal to lose hope because of your situation. It’s normal to have a dip in your life, your day or week. I can choose to live a life  where I dare to dream, or a life where I fight for everything. What was it I dreamt at the beginning of this blog. Oh yea that’s right, beating cancer. I dreamt, the war is won. You CAN win yours to, but for you to build on that you have to have a dream. I cannot wait yo hear your stories.

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