If you are in any doubt as to how hard cancer is, then read this. But it’s not just the physical elements, it’s the support, the emotion, live and compassion required. If you do nothing else today. I ask of you compassion. Look out for my friend. Send Michael good vibes, he sure needs them at the moment… Bless you mate… Fonz

Vision of Hope 33

The Beginning 2December 31, 2015

This first post of the documentation of my cancer treatments will begin with a little background as to how I arrived at this point.  Let me begin by telling you that I have severe heart disease in a variety of styles and colors and this has been somewhat of a problematic factor in the treatment of the cancer.

In the summer of 2013, I was diagnosed with squamous cell carcinoma located in the lymph nodes in the left side of my neck and at the base of the tongue.  I was informed that neither of these were likely to be the primary source of the cancer, but that source could not be located.  My first reaction to the results was “Huh?”… You must have me confused with someone else.  I believe you’re reading someone else’s report… I couldn’t possibly have cancer.  I’m the one with all kinds…

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