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My friends blog is called the title of this blog, and I dedicate it to him. Micheal33 .  What is a vision of hope? Well here is my interpretation of what that is. You will only get a vision when something is not something that you want it to be, or maybe the vision is non existent to date. In other words, the vision is in your head and has yet to be played out in real life. As I write I am thinking, well is not a vision what hope actually is. Well not exactly. It’s a little more complicated than that, although I believe my simple brain can make anything simple, because that’s how I interpret things. 

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I am quire emotional as I write, because I believe anyone that suffers understands what a vision of hope is, but you may never have really thought about it. It’s like a massive section of my blogs has just been taken up and placed here. 

The window
Being one of many,you see in our minds. We ALL have a vision, a vision of how it will be to be well again. We have a vision of how we will be after our treatment is over. After the medical profession has finished with me, we wonder in our minds how this disease will affect our future life in the physical form. For me personally, it’s almost impossible to walk in a morning, due to the feeling of broken glass. But the more tentative at placing my feet I am the more it hurts…  (It does make me angry) I can’t lie. But my vision is not having to take pain killers in the morning. Medication has ruined my nerve endings. But you don’t hear me rattling on about it, whining how much I hurt. Because I have a vision. 
Without a successful vision the people perish. Successful being something obtainable, tangible. Not pie in the sky stuff, your vision has to be realistic. Something you can make happen like, losing weight. So your body is not under any stress that’s not needed.   I believe that without the vision of hope that you have in your mind,  you will lose your focus. Take your eye off the ball and perish. You don’t know what perish means google it.

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If you have read this far, I want you to do me a massive favour. At the end of this blog I am going to put a link to my friend Michaels blog. Would you at least comment and give him some encouragement. So his vision of hope has more hope. So that his day has a smile in it, that he maybe has a tear of joy in his day. I of all people know what it’s like to be wrapped up in treatment. Appointments, and at the hands of medicine. This is just one person I speak of, so the person you have in your mind, why don’t you drop them a line, a message, something to make their vision of hope brighter. Someone’s vision can be made better because of you today.  You do realise how much happiness that gives someone right?

I hope to read comments of what exciting things happened because you helped someone’s vision of their hope became brighter today. It’s amazing to make a difference in someone’s life. It truly is. 

The Beginning… | Vision of Hope 33


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