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Wow, isn’t it amazing how generous people are, what happens because you happen to. I was minding my own business the other day and I came across a picture a photographer had taken. It amazed me, not because of the subject or where it was taken but because of what you could not see. That made all the difference to me. Because my life is all about what not having a life could be like. I have dedicated myself to loving others each hour, and each day I have the pleasure to live. So I compliment and encourage folk along the way where I can. I could just see that this person was dedicated to each picture as I am to each person (if that makes sense)

May I introduce you to Tony Harrat,     https://thefujifreak.wordpress.com/    my friend who has been so amazingly kind in sending me this picture that he took in the Snodonia national park.

Little did I know that our paths in life, have been touched in similar ways. Not only that but we live in the same part of the world. Maybe we will meet one day, who knows. What I found amazing about this phot was that you can’t really see the trees branches unless you look at the reflection. Look where it has managed to grow aswell. 

This post is about human kindness, and the fact that Tony decided to give me permission to use this photograph, both personally and possibly to raise money at an event for cancer research. Moments like this are rare in life arnt they, Tony does not have a web site so I have encouraged him to set one up. Thank you Tony for your kindness, and bringing me some happiness.

Remember human kindness is such an amazing gift, I wonder if you will give something of yourself to a total stranger today and pay it forward. I hope so, it brings depth to your life, and a happiness only the giver will understand.

Have a great day

– Fonz


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