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So as someone recovering from cancer, I find small things mean more to me than big things. But why do people find it so hard to give you a little love, when you need it. Well I have come to the conclusion, to give from your heart is a gift. A gift given to you  when we were created. You have heard the expression, are you a giver or a taker. I concider myself a giver, I find it quite easy to bear my heart and to exspress how I feel, surely it’s a gift? because I have not had to work at it in any way. Writing just happens for me. All I have to do is be a willing vessel. It’s funny though isn’t it how some folk only like a particular post when it’s something they like personally. Don’t people like a post because it may mean something to someone else. I find religious people get hung up on their own religion as apposed to accepting all people from all walks of life. 

Well that part has not been an easy ride, I believee ALL people whatever their belief deserve the gift of giving. That’s why I write because you, (the reader) you are what you are right. I accept you, I accept you as you are. Some people I have met in the blogging world are broken people and do not know where to turn, desease has put them where they are. Generally home bound, or to and from from hospital, it’s funny how a couple of friends on here I think about a lot. Dray0308 and Michael33 they are both givers from their heart and what motivates them is to give to others where they are at. Not judge them for where they are at.

My way is to give, sometimes it comes back. But mostly I have to believe by faith that some how somewhere someone has heard a message someone greater than me wants to say to someone. To give unconditionally is called love, Gods love is perfect and called Agape. I hope with all my heart you are blessed today, that you find it in your heart to give to someone that which has been given to you as a gift. The gift of giving that you did not even know that you had. 

When you don’t exspect anything in return, that’s when you feel real joy when someone stops by and says “thank you for sharing” that’s when I get my gift.

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