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Anyone that’s been ill, has had to take stock of life. Take a step back and look at what’s precious to us. Value the people we took for granted, because life happened. Most people can’t be taught to value the planet, life happens and because it happened what ever it was that stopped you in your tracks made you realise how valuable life truly is. Maybe you lost a parent, got ill yourself. What ever it was that made you take stock, be thankful.

I remember my wife’s mums funeral, I had not known illness back then. Although my wife had on a few occasions. Still today her mum ( Norma ) passing is the greatest loss I have known except my grand parents passing. I remember thinking. “Why are people still working, it’s a day to remember Norma” to them ‘Life happened’ just another funeral. But whilst thinking like this, it got me thinking how in tune the planet is. How indeed Life happens. It happens all around us. Plants grow, trees blossom and bear fruit. Leaves absorb the carbon dioxide, and replace it with oxygen that is useful to life on Earth.

The earth revolves on an axis that means we have gravity, yet the whole system of Earth the planets. The earth where we live is so balanced, perfect even. Yet we just breath without effort, walk without thinking. ‘Life happens’ 

This is what I believe about you, that you were always going to be. Your parents could have been anyone, but you were meant to be. Your life is of meaning to this planet, you are needed even though you may not feel appreciated. That’s because of that thing that happens called ‘Life’  there are so many amazing facts that we cannot comprehend, like every snow flake is different, that there are more stars in the universe than snow flakes on the earth. My cancer has enabled me to look at what I do have, what I am blessed with. Not what others choose to do that does not involve me, their life is happening to remember. Making someone smile when they want to be cross is a gift, hugging someone when they need you because life is happening to them. There is a gift right there, I make no apology for being so philosophical.Sometimes these   blogs just come to me. Why because someone out there needs to hear what I write, these words are the results of my  Life happening. 

Don’t stop your life happening, instead be pleased you have a life happening and look at the positives within that life.

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