I wanted to write about love today, so I looked for one I had written before I had 300 people interested in my blog. I was isolated having my bone marrow transplant when I wrote this one. I hope you like it.

fonzandcancer blogging to encourage.

I am writing a book, it’s been on the go for sometime. Unfortunately I keep making excuses not to pick it up again and really get stuck in. Not something I want to be doing in here anyway really. I am here to heal and beat Cancer. Today I am going to talk with about love made perfect. What perfect love is and how some of us aim for that goal and some just give up on it.

What does love mean to me, well Love is unconditional, it just gives. It does not count how much something costs, rather gives you overwealming joy to give love to someone everyday.

We have a dog she’s called faith

She is 1 of the rare pink nosed beasts. My brother also has a dog named coco Chanel, I call her hippo as she is allowed to gobble anything in her walk, after…

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