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In life, what I have found to be the most certain is this. That no one is exempt from sadness, no body is given a life that is perfect. Every life that exists has tears, it is a fact of life. Why though? Well it’s kind of like the same message that this blog sends every day. That you think it’s bad to cry? I say it’s needed and a part of learning.  Ok so you agree right, but that’s not the only value in tears.

Tears signify a new start, possible forgiveness because one of the people has agreed that they are wrong. I always think that the person that admits they are wrong, or that they are willing to learn from a mistake or situation are the ones that will grow the most.

Tears clean the brain to, helping the body to release the chemicals that are not needed in the body, although in this case it means the brain. Yes you heard right, the body rids the body of chemical build up in the brain. Thus helping the brain to work more efficiently. Amazing right. That’s because you are amazing, and tears are not a weakness, in fact quite the opposite. Without them you are not able to be the person you are. You are not only more than you have become, you are part of change. Change cannot happen without you, your super important. It may even be said that you are critical to any situation.

Tears are a way of making us new again. They also show that a situation means something to us. See the positives in situations, because all situations matter.



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