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Do you think it does not make sense, this title? Like my wife this morning is laughing at me, you may to. Because I compared David Bowie to Kylie. The connection being, that they were and are able to reinvent themselves throughout their careers. Of course I understand why my wife laughs, because Bowie was without doubt an artist that was always wanting to be the best he could be. The chords he produced are some of the most impossible to create, (I am told)  he has been described as the Picasso of pop. 

I absolutely love people that push boundaries, people that don’t just accept what they are told. People that want to explore all that the world has to offer, music, dress, taste in life. I love when people are individual and don’t follow the norm in life. In other words, for me it’s the results that count, not the method. Did you know that David Bowie started his own society called

 “Society for the Prevention to cruelty to long haired men.” 
True. What I am trying to say and quite poorly is. It is better to be who you are, rather than trying to squeeze your self into a jelly mould, that some label ‘Normal’ people that know me well, most certainly do NOT regard me as normal. But then my life has not been normal. I have lived all over the UK travelled tirelessly.  Explored people’s thoughts and beliefs, I have lived on a farm, been affected by terrorism. And cancer has tried to take my life twice. But here we are talking about Bowie and peoples thoughts. For me, being a conformist is not the easiest. But then what is conforming and what is normal. I see normal as a shirt tie a pair of trousers and black shoes. 

You have a right to feel your own thoughts, what society expects is one thing. Being yourself whilst in society, there is nothing wrong with that at all. Be yourself, whilst being the best you can be.



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