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Hi everyone,

Every week whilst I meet people online, I have been looking out mainly people that I did not know. People that seem to blog because they have but one motive, to encourage and reach out to other people. Here are the people I have found this week, people that are there selflessly and not for stats, or hits, or their own gain. But selfless kind people that get overlooked. It’s my hope that every week I am able to share links of these type of people. 
If you yourself find someone you think is worthy, please draw them to my attention?


Danny shares people’s links everyday, he is a caring man himself and while he suffers himself daily, he has always got Time for others. Thanks Danny. – Fonz


This blogger Kat, one of life’s good people. Paying for the persons coffee behind them in the line, spreading human kindness. I like that a lot… Thanks Kat


Kim is one of the kindest bloggers I have met, she is always there ready to offer help to anyone. I have seen her reach out to others daily. Why don’t you nip over and giver some encouragement. Thanks Kim. 😊

Unless we make a change, how is the world going to even be ever so slightly better, I believe it starts with us being selfless in our lives. Giving with out wanting anything in return. I am enjoying finding these people.  Although I have spoken to many more people this week, you spend time getting to know someone don’t you. For sure there are people that I want to recommend it could be you.  Please take the time to read these blogs, I believe these people to be selfless. Please do make me aware of people you think need a mention.

Have a great week

– Fonz


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