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The smells of home change dramatically when your dealing with cancer, I grew to hate sanitizer. It actually makes me feel sick because of what it reminds me of. Fortunately for us that’s not our smell of home, in fact I think my smell of Sunday is my smell of home. The smell of roast beef cooking, now that’s home to me. Not so for my Andie though, her smell of Home is pan cakes. So that’s what we did tonight, we made Andies now home smell like her home when she was a little girl on shrove Tuesday.

Aparentley Andies mum was the best at flipping them, all in the wrist action which I am inclined to agree with. I like mine a bit thick while Andie likes hers a bit thinner. I did Andies first, she wanted maple syrup with hers so I followed suit. I never had them with maple syrup before, but I have to say I enjoyed them.

Pancake Tuesday did end up being a flop after all, only the flop was on the plate.

I just hope Liverpool get on top of West Ham in the second half so we can go to wood park and play Blackburn.

What did you have your pancakes with tonight?



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