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   If your reading I guess it’s because you are happy to hear someone has slam dunked cancer. Well let’s just say I am daring to believe that this is done, it’s not been a breeze. Certainly not a walk in the park or shopping trolley dent done in the supermarket car park. Oh no this was a full on bare knuckled fight to the end, there were not really many moments that were restful, although we did make time for each other on many occasions.

There were many times when I thought I could not carry on, many times I held out my arms and just said “help me”  many times I thought I had dug so deep I had nothing more yo give, then found that I was indeed able to dig a little deeper. Many times I felt that I would not be able to do another day. Yet I never missed one appointment, one procedure, one blood test, operation or hospital stay. I feel as though I have done the impossible, faith family and friends has given me the strength to carry on. Given me hope in the storm, and a calming breeze in the midst of a hot day. The Wars won, I am welling up just saying those words. Three words just like at the beginning. When I was told “you have cancer” yet the feelings are so very far apart from each other. “The Wars Won” WOW… I am overwhelmed right now. Celebrate with me. I will continue to blog every day as before. But this has to be one of the best blogs on the planet.

The story of a man who was close to death, to becoming victorious over, this terrible desease. I just hope above all hope that other south there get some strength and comfort knowing, my war is won. For the rest of my days I will hold out my hand to help mankind. Be encouraged dear friends.

Your cancer free friend



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