This blog has hardly been read, written when I was really poorly. I hope you like it.

fonzandcancer blogging to encourage.

The real you, the you that matters. All my life, I have tried to make people happy by adjusting who I am to make them happier. Turns out by doing that, all I have done Is succeeded in making myself unhappy. I wanted so badly to find the real me. The me I was happy with, the me I was never going to change. That’s why I went to travel Australia and New Zealand. To find the real me, to find contentment, to find the real me.

You see I know and knew I was a good person and my intentions were good. I had just adjusted myself so many times, that I was confused as to where in me I was. Then one day I made the most important choice of my life, best described in a picture I have used quite frequently in my blogs.

So that’s what…

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