The attitude that helped me win…. Written in May last year.

fonzandcancer blogging to encourage.

Somewhere somebody is laughing, somewhere somebody is falling In love, going to bed, dancing, making something, caring for someone. Somewhere there is love going on, being given unconditionally to someone. Your special, because you have the ability to do something positive. You have even if your body does not function as it should (like mine right now) to give something special to someone.

As I think about Deanna the other side of the pond I hurt knowing she will have chemo today, but I also feel joy because somebody is looking after her. She will have smiles that will be given to her as she faces the horrible chemicals, and the effects it has on her memory and state of mind. I know she is strong, but that does not stop anyone feeling weak.

It’s amazing how much we can encourage someone with a smile and a positive input. In…

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