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This world seems to be full of sentences like, how much? Everything seems to have a price. I guess even life has a price, it’s just what I have had to give cost nothing, yet was everything of me that was required to regain my life. Every tiny bit of my strength was required to live. So what was the point in me surviving and living a life if I am not able to use it to help others to gain their strength also. My life from now on has to be dedicated to others, encouraging others that they may not only grow, but find it within themselves the ability that was always there, to be able to overcome what they face. Maybe even what you face.

I used to go into the hospital and have my treatment and leave when I fought cancer the first time. I was deceived in that by giving to other people was going to take away the very strength I needed to fight my fight. Yet when I went in for my transplant I started to reach out to other suffers to encourage them, maybe even inspire them to continue the fight they faced. I never wanted anything in return, but what I found is that, everyday somebody encouraged me as a result of me reaching out and putting myself out there so to speak. As a friend said to me today “you don’t know what’s inside something, unless you look” 

So yesterday, although I had had a clear scan and blood tests. I was concerned that I would not get a negative blood result as my blood had not been tested for 15 weeks. I can’t tell you how pleased I was, because I will not have to have a test again now till August next year, effectively. I now have my life back… It’s amazing to be able to say. Whilst I was waiting for them to take my blood yesterday, I asked the staff nurse if I could take drinks to people that were being treated. They let me, so I ended up in the privalaged position to be able to have conversations with other people that were having various treatments for all sorts of problems. Many people were sat in the very seats where I used to sit having the horrendous drugs put into my body.

I felt emotional doing it, because at that time I did not know if I would be back in those seats myself until my blood results came later that day. Doing those things I believe helped me to grow and energised me, it lifted my spirits that I was able to do. Because I had been sat in those seats and had my treatments I was able to grow.
Your gift to help another will come back to you in some way I am sure of it. Give what you can if you are able. Nothing you do for others is wasted, somewhere  you will find your blessing because you gave with a free spirit. I find it amazing that I can think about giving everyday and not have to worry about the bump in the road that was cancer. I can now move 


forwards by faith believing it will not return. Also giving words of life and encouragement to those I meet along the way. I had hoped for 200 followers by the end of 2016 I got my 500 award today. So there must be something good happening out there. 

When you give, it’s not of yourself. Giving gives you strength in your own life, to carry on.

Have a great weekend

– Fonz


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