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This is one,

One love by David Guetta and Estelle.

Also this one was a great comfort

But the David Guetta song was prevalent in my fight. It was a song where I imagined all those people that cared, both online and in reality. I could imagine them there with me urging me on, encouraging me in voice and spirit. While I sat having chemo I would go through the list of cancer stories members, I would imagine them there each and everyone. Each friend there with me and Andie my family. Supporting me and encouraging me on, the songs gave me strength.

The other song that helped me was,

If you know what it’s like to fight an illness, then you will understand the lyrics in these songs. But even if you are not fighting for your life I am sure you understand why these songs meant something to me even us. I would play one love over and over in the car. I am sure that if these songs did not exsist then I would have found something else. What are yours? Do you have any songs that have spurred you on and given you energy. It would be nice if you could share your uplifting music with us in this Monday morning. Songs can give us strength at moments in our lives. I can’t wait to view yours.

I look forward to an encouraging morning, for me and for yourself as we start the week with positivity…

– Fonz


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