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Should you think your blog or someone else’s are a blog with a giving nature, tell me in the comments. If you think someone has a giving heart, someone that is selfless, out to help and better others lives. I WANT TO KNOW. I will publish my bloggers I love blog every Monday, so more people come to the site of choice. This blog is for others not me, to give something back to those selfless souls out there.

Please share those people, I really love making the world a better place and love people in it that make the world a better place. What’s better than loving your fellow man and wanting the best for your fellow man. We are after all, each and every one brothers and sisters. 

Let’s start a wave of love across the Internet.

– Fonz


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Cancer stories (people helping people through experience) 

It’s a group where people’s experiences are used to encourage others. 

Everything you read are based on my own experience and my own opinions. I express them here to encourage you. Please share with others, if it meant something to you it will to someone else. All images are from a Google search. Or my own.

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