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I heard this said by Ron Dennis in an interview with Martin Brundel. The once dominant F1 racing team, now paired with Honda, they have struggled and the two famous racing drivers, Fernando Alonso and Jenson Botton are struggling with them! Although totally committed. Using the pain of losing as a tool to carry on, could this be something we could use In a cancer fight? That was what my thoughts led to, did I actually use my pain as a driving force to beat cancer. Well for sure I did and it’s a way many more could use to beat it to, that the pain is a way of encouragement and not discouragement. 
It is what I have done the whole way though cancer, used pain as a way of overcoming the pain; caused by the cancer treatment. But how would I communicate that with you, how would I explain that.

 Well it’s like this, for me I have wanted my journey to be documented, so that none of what I have faced in cancer has been wasted. So because I was in effect explaining how I felt, what I was experiencing in the hope it would help someone somewhere. It meant I had the pain for a reason. That pain had become useful a vehicle even, to benefit others through the very pain I was experiencing. Effectively because of what I have been feeling it has a positive effect on you the reader.

Because it is now seen, that the treatment that of course I had an option to have or not have. Has cured me of the cancer that caused me to have this treatment, whilst the nerve damage is painful and even a permanent lead weight weighing me down. It’s almost worth it, because I am still here to share it with you. So what was the choice, die or live with pain. That’s it really, to just know that the journey we are given is for a reason. I don’t know what your situation is in your life, or what you have faced and will face. What I do know is though, is that I have chosen to use my seemingly negative journey to bring hope to others that fight. It was never certain that I would make it, it was never guaranteed that my treatment would work. But I am certain that my attitude to it was part of winning the battle, and it’s my job to tell you that by saying the word can and believing you will not fail certainly gives you the best chance  of success. 


Don’t think I have not had days that I wanted to give up, to throw in the towel so to speak. I DID.  You don’t have to either, you can. Speak life to yourself. It’s a choice how to use what you are experiencing. Let me know what you think? What ever you think, what you go through today can help the people of tomorrow. If you let it.



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