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Strange isn’t it, why people get so upset at not being with a partner anymore. I mean let’s look at why they are and X. We are not talking about x’s that became that because they breathed their last breath. We are talking about why it ended, why there is no we anymore. I guess at some point in this post I will start thinking about my own X’s but I want to look at the reason people are not with someone, not people I was with personally. It’s the same with friends though don’t they become X friends. After all is not a relationship first, it is a friendship first and foremost.

 Think about the people in your life, think about what they mean to you, the sort of things you do when you are with them. I bet most of those images involve laughter. I would even go so far as to say, if you have a picture in your mind that’s sadness or solum.   It’s either because of illness or selfishness, so many people in friendships want a friendship that benefits them. There is actually nothing wrong with that as long as they give as much to you as you do to them. Two way so to speak. 

I have X friends since I got cancer, people that found it to on sided to help me through cancer because they were getting nothing in return. As my wife says often, true friends are the ones that push the limo when it breaks down. We can all enjoy the moments in life where it’s all going swimmingly, but true friendship is shown in hardships.  A true reflection of a true friendship is that you accept the person for who they are no matter what. That who ever they are you don’t want to change, and You don’t ever say sentences like. “If you were” “if you just did” a true friend accepts you for who you are. 

Being in a relationship is not just about looks, shape, aspects you like and dislike, Chemistry, it’s about acceptance of where someone is at, I have not thought about an X once whilst writing this. Because me and my wife have everything we need in each other, even though there may be the odd thing that winds me up and I am sure that there are many more from me to her. But we accept each other no matter what. An X would be someone that did not accept you and I bet they wanted to change you, or you wanted to change them. Life is so much happier when you can accept your friend for who they are, and not want to change them.


Just remember this, if they are an X it’s because they did not make your life easier. They wanted you to be a you that was not you. Now that would not be you now would it. So be happy they are an X because you learned what not to have in your future friendship or relationship. It was good that that became an X and in your future will be someone who accepts you without wanting you to be someone different.


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