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So last night I thought as a last resort not thinking anything would come of it, that I would ask if anyone knew of a way to get tickets for a football match on Face book. Let me explain. My wife is a massive and I mean massive Manchester city fan. All of my life I have been a plastic Liverpool fan. You know the type a fan because I liked Red, that is the only reason I chose Liverpool as a 6 year old 41 years ago. My dad always promised me he would take me to see Liverpool at Anfield, so I did at the time you were allowed to smoke so I predicted that the mighty Liverpool would defeat my dads beloved Arsenal 3-1 so I took 3 cigars with me to celebrate each goal. We slaughtered them 4-1 even standing up and asking if anyone had another cigar as I had only brought 3, it did not go down well at all with the Arsenal fans. Maybe I just said that yo my dad, but it’s nice to elaborate a story now and again. 
Me and my wife have been to watch her beloved City on 3 occasions even going with my dad when city hosted Aresenal at Manchester. Arsenal won on that occasion and we have seen city on two other occasions. I remember telling Andie how flat the atmosphere was, how quiet the fans were with seemingly no passion like my wife and her late mum had for their beloved team. The ground had no buzz about it like Anfield. Anfield was constant singing from beginning to end, the fans were so passionate and I can safely say I have never exsperienced anything like it. Blackburn against Preston was even worse held at Ewood park. There was nowhere I had been where there is such passion for their football team other than watching Liverpool at home. It’s a day I will never forget, and now that Liverpools ground will be extended I doubt the atmosphere will be emulated in the new ground although the passion of the fans will never disappear.

So it would be a massive thing for us both to go and watch Liverpool vs Man city anywhere really would be fantastic, something my wife and I would love to do together. Over the 12 years we have been together I have gotten to understand football, heck I could proberbly tell you how the off side rule works now. You do that don’t you, get involved in what interests your partner. So I asked friends if they knew where I could buy tickets for the capital cup final at Wembley for the Liverpool City game.

My dear friend Daniel Clydeburn asked his friends on Facebook for us to, (He’s a Manchester United fan) within 10 mins he messaged me to say he had tickets… Yea I did think it was a wind up, that is until he rang me this morning. 10 mins into the conversation telling me the tickets his friend had let us have were only ‘Wembley club seats’ pretty much the best seats you can have at wembley. To say I am pleased is an understatement, but my wife is climbing the walls she can’t believe it. We feel so blessed, and also so grateful. It’s almost like manna from heaven, it’s amazing this life that we have. Rest assured I will let you know what it’s like in a blog. We will be there a week on Sunday. Wow.

Have a great weekend


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