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I will never forget the rocky film 4 when Adrian says to Rocky as he is about to fight the Russian. I cried when she said the words “YOU CANT WIN” that’s what the world would have me believe sat in this room in isolation. This is now day 4 and day 5 is approaching. The strength I am getting from the Cancer stories is amazing, and amazing how much strength others are getting from it to. You to could be part of it as this cruel bone marrow transplant takes place.

I remember as a small boy, I really wanted a bike but I was only 4. My prayer to God was “I believe I will get a bike thank you God for my bike” I got that bike with solid tyres a few days later. Another prayer I prayed was “Lord I know why you made the blackberries they taste great, but I don’t understand why you made the prickles. Life is like that isn’t it. It’s full of prickles, but also beauty and it’s down to us to look past the Prickles and see the good in every aspect of life. 
I Will beat this, why. Because I want to win, and I have an army behind me called Cancer stories on Facebook, and an army of people praying for me all around the world. These people are all winners, people that believe in human kindness and stay away from negativity. We are warriors, encourages, and all these things bring freedom and success. Make that step in any situation it’s so much easier to make the next. We just gotta have faith and step forward. 

That was a small part I wrote in hospital on day 4 May 19th  2015

Today is 21st Feb 2016 that means I have written everyday now for 9 months, it was interesting reading what I had written back then. I was in a dangerous place, I had no idea though how many people wanted me to win the fight, I felt proud to have the few on my side that there were. But I went in to see Christine and Ian at the fruit and veg shop on Coe lane yesterday. As they spoke to me celebrating my triumph against cancer, she told me how they had first come to hear about me. She went on to say how my mum had gone in there and asked if they would pray for me, asked that they would pray for me to be healed. That is in my eyes “faith” because the bible says “faith without works is dead” in other words. There has to be an action that goes with faith. 

This post is to say THANK YOU.  For praying for me, for asking people to pray for me, for encouraging me and many others on cancerstories. Thank you for believing that God would hear your prayers. Thank you for believing my life is for a reason and has a purpose. 

This post is for you, because you are who you are. No one wants you to change, you were made the way you are. Be amazed that you have life, we won’t always understand why there are prickles in our lives. But the blackberries taste wonderful when they are ripe. But you don’t get them without the prickles.

Have a great day and thank you for being you


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