The first picture is my shadow when I left hospital after my transplant.

fonzandcancer blogging to encourage.

I hope you have a great day today. Today I want to talk to you about my attitude, what drives me and how I am made.

Yes of course I have a side of me that’s considered, genuine, loving and maybe even gentle. But there is a side to me that will not give up, it does not matter what people say to me. I will shun it if it’s negative, even cut that person out of my life completely. I will not allow negativity in my house although I do slip up now and again as I am sure many do. In the main, we will stop with a coffee and discuss our direction and then get back on track again.

The day I was told I had cancer invoked a reaction, that reaction is what saved my life. We all have a choice in how we respond, the…

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