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Hi everyone, can I start by saying SORRY. I failed you, I have been selfish and self absorbed. I have been finding time to love who I am where others have judged my opinions. I have a friend who seems to know what I need, I guess because he needed the same as me. He lives in another country has never met me. But yet he understands what I have faced. He has had cancer aswell, he had it in his neck and although never had chemo he did have radio thearopy. 

In my blog I have talked about many things, like loving yourself. Accepting who you are, forgiving yourself. Being yourself and sharing who you are with others. I have shared how my perception of life has changed, that money is not as important to me as happiness.why. Because I have had a light shone in my face, I have seen that there are far more reasons to treat yourself right, than to abuse your body. What I have realised in having cancer is, that I am a good person and what ever the opinion of the doubter is. Does not matter. 

I watched a video tonight that shone a light in my eyes, I have been shown there is more to life that the way I treated myself before I got Cancer. You see. Cancer made me ce. And while you think I have spelt that wrong, because of can cer is why I can now ce. 


I can see the bigger picture, and maybe whilst others may think I have been punished for something by having cancer. It has actually opened my eyes. I wrote a blog called Muddy glasses sometimes you can’t see what you need because you Don’t see what it is we need. I had cancer so I can ce. I once had cancer but now I see. You are on a journey yourself and it’s true. If you still feel it’s tough, it’s just you have not got to the end yet, that’s all. Life is tough, no matter how you cut it. But for sure to have the light shone on loving yourself first us most definetley the key to a happy life. 

Laughter in a bad situation is healthy, us brutish think everything should be so solum. Find some joy in your world, because otherwise. What’s the point? 

Love who you are and be thankful you have experienced what you have, enabling you to be amongst the people that CAN CE. 


Thanks Rob


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