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In yesterday’s blog another blogger commented I will put his link up shortly. He said he was asked how he was and his response was “oh surviving” the person that replyed said “survival is good” my friend Rob would have said that to me. We live in a world where so many seem to complain about the lot they have been given, instead of rejoicing that we are here to enjoy some elements of life. I have dark patches in my daily life far more than the normal  I was used to, due to life that cancer has given to me. I say given because Cancer made me see more things than it took from me. It’s opened my eyes and whilst I could have lost my life, I survived, and that’s good.

You are on this earth for a reason, mine could be to encourage others, and I could not do that as effectively if I had not been touched by cancer. Well maybe that’s true but what ever the case I have more because of cancer than I did with out cancer. So I am kind of blessed to have had it really, blessed that I know what it takes to beat it. 

When I went in for my Stem cell transplant, I said these words to my wife. “I hope what I have left of me, is enough for you”  she replied “what ever you is, after transplant. Will still be you, and you are enough for me”  I realised that I had to survive for her, for my family, my friends and my exstended family on CS. I am writing this with someone in mind and she knows who she is. As she reads this she will know that she to will know that “survival is good”  My fellow blogger where I got the inspiration for this blog. 

Remember it’s not always obvious what you gain from a struggle to survive. But you will find what it is that’s good about your survival, even if it’s just that you survived. But what ever you do with your survived self, make sure you bless at least one person. Even by that one act it was worth you surviving.  Have a a great day.



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