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Helping the Helper

Hi, my name is Rob and I’m a friend of Mark’s from cyberspace. We never met in person. Anyway, you all know Mark has made a promise to himself that if he is able he would write each day with hope of encouraging someone in doubt or pain. To inspire them to take that one more step in the one-step at a time journey. So here’s the irony. Mark is the one who needs some help now. So that’s what I’m doing, helping in that only way I can. I offered to “guest blog” so that his vision can continue and he can rest and do some healing without having to think so much about writing or not writing. This one’s for you Fonz!

There are things we have to experience in life that we don’t like. Things we rather not have anything to do with. And this happens on all levels; from mundane everyday things to large life changing experiences. The everyday stuff kind of goes unnoticed. We complain about it, move on and then forget about it. But the big ones….those we never forget. And there are 2 reasons we don’t forget them as far as I can see. The first is obvious. It was so horrendous and painful that it’s like a brand on our memory, a scar that may fade but never disappear. The other reason is very hard, neigh, impossible to see when you are buried under the weight of your trial by fire. You are blinded from seeing almost anything then the suffering you endure. But endure you must and so it goes on and on. Maybe days or week or years. The second reason we don’t forget is the gift we are granted at the end or diminishing of our suffering. You see, humans that endure such hardship are rewarded with some form of bliss or gratitude. I believe that the purer one’s heart the greater the gift. (I can’t tell you what a pure heart is, that’s for you to find out.)

So please dear reader, take moment right now and imagine yourself, your loved one, yes, and Mark, having relief. A gentle sigh from their lips, a release of tension from their shoulders and a smile on their face. This is what I call prayer or visualization or sending good vibes or wishing them all the best.