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So here I was today, emptying the conservatory with my wife, finding new homes for some things and throwing other things. We had a chat to a guy who was doing a job for us and just generally having a tidy up. I was moving forwards by standing and doing. I have not written for 3 days, due to the excessive pain through doing a bit on skater day in the rain. Yesterday my friend Rob blogged for me reliving me of my post duty. What a special gift it is to have friends, even ones you have never met, these include people from all over the world. From England to Australia. One of my friends reminded me that I can. By saying the words. Mark, you can, you really can. That was my friend in Australia Amanda, she made me read my own blog. 

On reading it again, and being appalled at the spelling, I realised that what I had written actually encouraged me to. It made me think that maybe it’s actually an amazing gift that I had been given. Not only to have so many friends all over the world, but the ability to express myself. Maybe that’s a gift in itself. I realised that we all have our own way of expression and I have after 47 years found the one way of expression that mattered. A way that gave something to me aswell as everyone else that reads what I write. 

As I read ” you can, really you can” it spoke to me. It lifted me and motivated me, it made me realise that maybe I need to read what I write myself. Sound strange right. Well often I never re read what I have written. I just lost it 99 times out of a 100. Only you get to read it not me, but I have realised that I need to hear what I write as much as the next person. Thank you for yesterday’s blog Rob you made a grown man cry.

Yea of course life’s tougher with pain in it, but true friends show their true colours when things are tough. Maybe you are like me realising right now that what you do is of value to yourself aswell as other people. I am starting to feel reenergised because of the people around me that encourage me to carry on. What ever you do is of importance to somebody. Keep doing that, it’s when we don’t do that our lives become devalued. You have the ability to help someone everyday. What could be more special than that?

Thank you for being you.



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