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It’s, a precious gift kindness. I don’t know why  it makes us feel vulnerable. I guess that’s because we expect something in return, hope that the person we are being kind to will be as kind to us. It was a long time ago when I gave someone a gift, I was so wrong to even expect a thank you. Because real kindness does not give to receive. Real kindness just gives and your gift in teturn is the pleasure of giving. It takes years that we live to learn the value of the courage of kindness. These days I give with a non expectant heart, I find it gives me freedom in my soul and my spirit. 

I guess without getting the dictionary out that courage means facing something you have to face, and bravery is facing something or someone that you have a choice to face. Courage is to keep doing anyway, I see courage in parents everyday. Of course I have only a glimpse of what being a parent actually is. My only true exsperience that comes close is picking up my nephew from school in the little TVR, I waited outside and watched all the dolled up well kept parents arriving to collect what I now understand to an exstent. To be their most special gift on the earth, their children. I was given an insight into the courage of kindness. 

You see I now realise that as a parent everyday you need to have the courage of kindness, a relentless giving heart to your child expecting nothing in return. Everyday you have courage in your constant journey of dedication to the little people you bring into the world. I know if I was a parent and my son was my nephew, I would not feel anything but pride and thanks for the gift I would have in him. Picking him up, made me realise how truly precious children are, it made me understand a snippet of the courage of kindness. 

Giving without expectation does indeed need courage, though some kindness is instinctive. The reward you get for it is what you feel inside. How giving makes us feel with in that no other gift can give. How wrong I was to give that gift exspecting something in return. It robbed me of the feeling I should have had. The gift giving gives to our inner self, but maybe I would not have learnt the differance in giving to receive, compared to the courage of kindness. The courage of kindness does without doubt give to our spirit a revival. A renewing of our inner self because of what we gave. Giving does not need to be an item or exsperience. It can be words of encouragement to another that Spurs them on, when you see a difference being made in someone’s life because you did. That’s priceless and something that money can not buy. 

Here is my question to you this week. Will YOU have the courage of kindness this week. Will you give and expect nothing in return? Well if your a parent I think you already do that everyday, you do it instinctively. You have a responsibility that transforms this world. Imagine what the world would be like if we all adopted the courage of kindness for someone everyday. Have a great week.