I wrote this 1 year ago. Funny how your own words sometimes get said right back at yourself….

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The power of forgiveness
In life there are many hurdles, some are quite nice and are not an endurance others are a real struggle. Most however require honesty, mostly with yourself. You see if your happy with who you are, you more often than not make the right choices. The only thing we can’t do is make other people’s for them.

We have to learn to accept people for who they are, which I find real hard as my standards in people are so great. I won’t settle for second best, I won’t stand for wishy washy people, that have self richeous opinions. But what I do try to be is honest with all people, which gets me into trouble sometimes.
Who is right, I am open to opinions. One thing I am very aware of is that forgiveness sets others free and no matter what I think or what…

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