How many times have you felt like giving up, not going to work. Throwing the towel in, saying no to doing something when you could do something. You see no matter what you think you are or you are not! You are not thinking what others think of you. What they think May suprise you. You see this being my last blog, maybe people will be sad, maybe happy they won’t see my blog come up on their time line anymore. But is that really the man I am, a quitter. I quit smoking, but that I am sure you will agree, I am able to quit without bad feeling.

Whilst my mum calls my blogs repetitive, maybe she is right. But what I do know is this, it may be a while telling you.what I know is one thing only, that’s it’s better to do than think about doing then not. Right now at this moment in my life, I am more challenged than before. I am maybe even more stressed than before. Yet my mind always says this to me when I feel under pressure. “Nothing is as bad as that room” it’s so true, that no amount of tribulation can match what I faced in that small room in Liverpool. Yet maybe even something positive came from that. Maybe I did so I could do. Maybe doing has made me the determined man I am today.

I want to tell you, and help you to realise this,. That whatever you face and have faced, is what makes you who you are today. Nothing you have faced is meaningless, it’s for a reason. Your Devorce,  your pain, your desease, losing your job, it’s all for a reason. Hold your hands up and give up if you like, but I hope you hold your hands up and become the vessel you are made to be. That you become productive, helpful, and useful. Because all those things you are, you have just got to believe that’s true. The only way is not Essex, it’s the way you are meant to grow and go.  You are the only one that can do what you do, don’t hesitate, make your life count. 

Your special, that’s a fact.

Ps, I am not a quitter, I will be writing again.

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