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A period in life I would rather forget right? 
Wrong, it makes me appreciate what I have now.​​This is a PICC line and how I was given Chemo for something called ICE. This makes you projectile vomit as soon as it enters your body. 

View could be worse hey.

That’s my Wife Andie xxxx

That’s my line being flushed, no matter what this has to happen every week!

HICCMAN line, given to people having the most effective drugs and most danderous. The end of the line enters a wide vien near the heart to lower the risk of amputation. If the drugs (some) touch your skin it can eat your flesh. That’s why I looked like this when I had Chemo.

Just to have my life 8 teeth were removed from my mouth. So next time you see someone with teeth missing, maybe wonder why they ate missing.

You want to know what incredible is. 

That would be beating cancer, or anything else that has questioned your mortality! 

But I did it, to give you hope!

I know what it feels like when you look like this.

But now know what it feels like when you do this!

You got this.