The Gig. (The Stone Roses)

Now let me just say right from the start, I have never understood the whole Gig world. You have to drive there, park and then go and stand or sit somewhere to watch somone sing songs you already have on a CD, usb, phone, or alike. Why bother spending £82.50 on a ticket. Especially when the band on before is called Public Enema or something like that. For a full 3/4 of an hour we were subjected to absolute garbage. Now I am not one of those people that complains about swearing but there is a line. I was sat there looking at my friends shaking my head, thinking maybe it was all going to be the same. Now whilst I have become somewhat more laid back since living with Cancer, I do still have a like or dislike button. And I can say most enphatically that I do NOT like the man known as. Flavour Flav. 

My wife said to me, “you can’t get an atmosphere like this on a CD” I said “well thank goodness for that. But I was to find out what she did mean. When The Stone Roses came on, the atmosphere did indeed change to one that you could not buy on a CD. The place started to Buzz, and whilst I have been to the Manchester city ground on 5 occasions now. It was never as good an atmosphere while they were on than going to a football match. Going to watch Liverpool at Anfield and again at Wembley are the only times that came close. 

I looked across at my school friend who I had lit buncen burner taps with at high school, and did many other micheivious things with. It’s kinda strange looking across at your friend who was so good at football, the boy who took my place in the rugby team because I broke my leg. Which I never got back by the way. Not that I am sore about that or anything. Now I don’t know much about football but I do know that on some occasions when we are listening to my music collection, stone the roses come on there is a spring in the step of some whilst playing our game of pool. I was later to learn that Manchester United come out to the tune ‘this is the one’ by stone the roses. Or is it The stone roses. I get a bit mixed up sometimes as I am a Liverpool fan or be it a plastic couch supporter. 

I actually started to really enjoy the Gig, I even found myself tapping my thigh and bouncing a little bit. I was rather pleased that we were in seating opposite the band as I don’t believe you get warm beer thrown at you in the seating areas. The standing areas don’t go to the loo because they can’t find who they were with when they get back so it goes is a cup and in the air onto the unfortunates that it lands on. When the last song came on (I guessed it was) as there was 5 mins of no playing before ‘this is the one’ was played. My school friend became very enthused as did I and most around us. It’s a bit political because my wife likes Manchester City so for her to like the Manchester United anthem was a bit, well you know.. 

We all had a great time and I would proberbly go to another one, that s 3 I have been to now. Noel Galligers ‘High flying pigeons” and Oasis at Heaton Park. The heaton park gig I left soaked in other people’s warm beer so have to say it was a whole world apart watching ‘the stone roses’  now when that final song comes on and it’s Manchester United walking out to it, I think of the gig we went to. It’s a memory we made that keeps playing over and over when I think of it. So I think that by now at least I have gotten my monies worth because it’s a memory that I treasure. Even Public Enemy was part of the experience. Which kinda makes me smile that I listened to such garbage for 45 mins. 

My wife is a true Salford girl although she does support Manchester City who as the name suggests are from Manchester. Unlike United that were born in Salford.  My wife’s a bit complicated. So there we are, a great day and evening spent with the man who took my rugby slot in the school team, but also played football for the school team. Just call me John smith. 

So just for the record, or C.D. The atmosphere at a gig is far better than just having it on a device. ITS BETTER.



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