Today is today, because of our past. ‘Don’t despise it’

Neither today or your past, neither should be despised. Learned from maybe, proud of, possibly. Satisfying, hopefully. Some things in life we have to watch or hear many times before the penny drops. It gives me great pleasure to see fulfilment in people’s lives. It brings me satisfaction, like the home we live in brings me satisfaction.  It’s a great feeling to know that you have overcome to get to the place you are today. People have said to me. Don’t look at the past, it’s there for a reason. I listened to them sometimes, and concentrated on the future. But a wiser older me, makes me appreciate what has led me to today, because without every single part of what was today would not be the today that it is. 

How easy it is to think what ifs. Of what benefit are they to the day we live today. Today is so much more important than anything else, enjoying today and being satisfied in our today. Be happy that you have had the path you have had, there is no reward in thinking you wasted your life. You did what you thought was right, others made choices in their life also and they became what they have and they also have to satisfied or regret, that they are or are not.

What I love about this life we live is that we have a new chance at life every single day, and whilst I accept I have had some pretty horrendous days in my life, those seriously bad days have made me who I am today.  Things are great, and if they don’t make you satisfied then they are of no benefit. Things may enhance the life we live, but ultimately it’s your attitude to what has been that will make a differance to your what will be. Today, is all that there is. There will be no tomorrow on this earth, only the today we live. Whatever you believe, what ever the name you call our God. Learn from your past, remember your past as lessons you learn from. 

The picture comes to my mind again

The bird sat in its nest above a raging waterfall. Yet it’s happy, content and not phased at all by the raging waterfall below. Seemingly unconcerned by the danger below, just content with where she is at that moment accepting of the place she has. It’s not so much the journey and what it consisted of, that led you to where you are today. Rather that you yourself are happy within yourself. People will always decide to do what ever they will do, if we are content and happy with the decisions we have made. The waterfalls around us will have little effect on our own happiness.
Have a great day

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