I know some people may think “oh no not again” but I am sorry. My rule is that one person gets something from what I write. I have had a lot of codine today to get through it, to even do something. Someone said to me today ” most people would have not left the house today, so your way ahead of them”  kind they took the time to say that to me. Even so, I just feel as though my very own body is my prison, a place I take with me where ever I go. Location does not help, pain killers dull it for a period but are for sure no cure. It’s upsetting in life that people don’t, and can’t understand how debilitating pain is. Not even my wife understands, and if you meet someone that does. The pain is still there, it’s starting to wear me down to the point where I would rather be without any pain what so ever. To just leave the world so to speak, the cliff I jump off at the Gower pernicular (Swansea) has my 90’s stereo next to me playing.

Sometimes I just want to take off, say goodbye to what earth has to offer. I do know however that I made some differance with the life I have right now. That I helped some people along the way, but I am not feeling like there is a point to a life of pain. The song says everything I feel in real life. I remember sitting on that cliff some years ago, it was sunny and there were ships in the distance. I think about that day a lot, I thank God even sometimes that I never jumped. That I resisted being so fucking selfish. Oh yes this is honest, because I am high as a kite on codine. Taken just to be able to do something, trapped in a body of pain. Knowing there is nothing anyone can do, so every time I stand up from my seated position and look down (I have vertigo) see the splashing sea. For a moment I have peace as I feel myself in flight towards the rocks below. But then turn and walk the other way. 

It’s funny the view when you have walked 40 metres or so. You just see sea and ships in the distance, and you could almost fly if you wanted to. Whilst my honesty in my blogs others may feel, some people actually frequented nut houses for revealing such thoughts they had. Making a differance in life, it’s gotta be worth it right. Otherwise what’s the point, all I know is I am not able to escape. I know that room was bad, not being able to leave for a few weeks. Having the very drugs that give me my pain I feel today. Well I am sick of it, sick of having to have the pain killers. I want out and I want to stop the feeling of sinking, the feeling of drowning in myself. I am stumbling around in my mind, finding something to rest on all the time, they tell me it’s gonna get worse. That I will be in a wheelchair, that I won’t be able to.

Well listen to the words of this song if you feel like I do. Your still breathing, and even though I and even you maybe close to the edge. We have the gift of lives, I have learned a lot in the last year or two. But one thing I know is that you and I are connected. We are connected in this web called life, you can choose to be or not to be. Ultimutley whilst we still have a breath to take we can still make a differance. It’s us that chooses to live, and whilst I know it’s on the edge and will be till the last breath I take, I will carry on. I must. Tonight should be my last but I will choose to carry on. Pain or no pain, sometimes I cut myself, and don’t feel a thing. I wonder what fire would be like to walk through, to feel that pain, maybe the pain inside my body would disappear. 

I don’t know if you understand any of what I am saying here, maybe you think I am nuts. (Your right) but one thing I have to do is get up again tomorrow and choose to breath again. Today was a bad day, people did not get me and never had a chance to before the delete button was pressed. That’s another blog. For now I leave you  with this, use your senses to live, use them to appreciate what’s around you, who. To those that I have loved, I remember you. To those I do love, I am doing this for you. Putting my feet forwards because you matter, life’s crazy and can make you that way to. You will never ever be the same again,  these blogs I have written are here for ever. Do something that’s here forever, switch off that television set and find something more interesting to do.


Most of my life I have been misunderstood, I have only just really started to not care. What were they doing trying to understand me anyway. 

Keep breathing


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