Faiths Puppy journey.

What does every body think 5 weeks and 1 day in? Although she’s not really showing to me, she’s definitely put on weight. She will be wormed in 2 weeks. From 7 weeks onwards the magic will start to happen. We already have 5 potential homes without to much effort. We are without doubt looking for caring loving homes for these puppies. We are looking for people to accept their puppies on their journey called life.

One sentence that rings true with me is.
A dog is there for part of your life, but you are their whole life. 

Here are some pictures of her in her life with us.

Faith loves a ride out in the TVR.

She didn’t eat the chocolate. Dogs get sick from chocolate.

Looking majestic on our lawn.

Faith captain of the boat.

Faith in my brothers amazing garden

Our dog is fortunate enough to be able to exercise in the garden as well as going for walks. Me and faith have a wonderful connection, she only needs to move in a certain way for me to know she needs some love, a walk, a feed, water, what ever her needs are we just know. But in the same way she knows what I need to, during my cancer journey. She comforts me in times I find hard, she even hugs me. She knows when I need her it’s a true relationship. For me I would rather bring up the pups myself, than to gain financial reward for a precious puppy that our faith has brought into the world. But to know the puppies are going to a safe home is amazing, and also hope that each person who is involved in the pups lives will post their journeys on here so we can see their progress. 
Do you know if I did not have cancer, maybe faith would not be in our lives. Which in turn means that the puppies that are homed would not have had the futures they have. Wonderful this journey we call life isn’t it. Please share – even if you don’t want a puppy maybe you will play your own part in showing the possibility of their lives being enhanced by a wonderful companion like we have in our Faith. 
Just think just by a share you could help change someone’s lives. Have a great day. 

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Everything you read are better based on my own experience and my own opinions. I express them hereby to encourage you. Please share with others, if it meant soumething tou you it will to someone else. All images are from a Google search. Or my own, taken whilst creating memories every day.

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