If it is to be, it’s up to me

Hi Guys, many of you that are faithful readers of all of my posts some 500 in not quite 2 years. Have watched the transformation of my life. My life and all those around me who have been with me on my journey, prayed that I would make it to the other side. So many times on that journey both me and my wife had had to make changes. Life choices to choose life and to really work hard at that just to have a life. Sometimes on that journey I wanted to give in, to throw in the towel to let go and let be. But even that was up to me wasn’t it. It’s up to you to. Throughout my life, and indeed whilst haveing life with cancer and fighting it. I have been met with choices, one of those is to decide that I will not take negative people with me into my future. I want yes people, get up and get done people. People that say do even though they are not feeling able. 

I love people, I love communicating with people, but what I have also found is the key to success. The absolute 100% most definitive way to live life. 

Most recently in fact day’s ago I met someone who was constantly working and working and working with no reward, other people I met due to that chance meeting were also of the same ilk with one common denomination. Being determined to do well for themselves. Nothing wrong with that you think? You know what everything is wrong with that. There is nothing right with that. Nothing right withnthat at all, oh except for that person of course.

I was faced with these 2 options 25 months ago. Live the rest of my life with cancer, or face a 1 in 4 chance of losing my life whilst beating it. Now I can tell you I had faced cancer before, and won. But I did that for me, I still smoked I still drank what I wanted, when I wanted and never even looked at my lifestyle at all. I mean the doctor said there was no indication it was caused by any of these things I did so why stop right? Of course I got cancer again and your reading about it, or have read about it before. Two weeks before I was diagnosed with cancer again I decided I was going to affect the world with positivity. To share with people that they can where they feel they are not able, not knowing I would indeed have to fight again two weeks later. That’s when I opened our cancer stories group to help other people on the planet who face cancer, and may have no where to turn. 

When I was faced with those two options in my life, I set about asking the very most important people in my life what they thought I should choose. My wife, my parents, my closest friends, my brother, sister. All of them thought it was better to fight and that they would be there for me when ever I needed them in my fight. You see that’s it isn’t it, why we do. Don’t we find when we have children (we don’t) that there is a reason to work. That having a dog gives a reason to walk in the rain. Is it not the same in our lives, without any of these insentives? That our lives should be about putting your arm around someone and saying ” you can and I am here for you” is it that that makes our lives worth living. 

The BIBLE (Basic Instruction Before Leaving Earth) Jesus talks about us being brothers and sisters. So helping each other, is that not what we are put on the earth to do. Will there be satisfaction in a job or work we do if it does not involve helping others to achieve. To dedicate your lives to doing just that, helping some one else. Well thats why I started my blog. To help one person everytine I posted. To encourage someone that they can and motivate them to be. You are what ever you say you are, and for sure anyone that says they can’t are actually perfectly right. I can’t argue with that, you say you can’t. Your right. But can’t you see if you take,  the T out of can’t  you CAN.

Adopt the “If it’s to be,it’s up to me” mentality. 

The point of this blog is to help you be a better you, I want to dedicate a part of my life to help you to say that sentence. I am only interested in people that want to put their arms around others and help them forwards though. If you want it for you. It’s best NOT to click the link at the bottom of this blog. But by helping others in turn your life will flourish, even though you did it for other people, you life will be filled with goodness. You doing for you? Or you doing for others. Think of all the successful people that run a business, all of those that I think of that are successful do one thing. They help others.

Have a great day.



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