What’s that mean to you? I guess you thinking money right? Or things right. Well for me, it’s more freedom. You know what I am sick to death of seeing my wife working a 14 hour day. I am sick of pain. So I need more of what will rid my life of those things. I am sick of being tired. In fact I am tired of being tired. Tonight I was laid on the floor after two long days doing in our home and learning about things. My dog being pregnant, her reactions being up all night with her so she knows I am with her to. People say dont they, “ask a busy man to get it done, and it will be done.”  Ask a lazy man for a simple solution and he will find it. 

Guys, I am gonna live my last 40 something year this year. They (the doctors) say I need 2 years to be ready for work again from my bone marrow transplant May 2015. Well I am ready, the pain in my body makes me think I am not ready. Tonight I had a tearful moment as I realised people don’t have the after affects of cancer but still feel life’s crap. That makes me sad and I wanna help you. So this week I am going to buy some products and I will give them away. Those products will help in our lives, hopefully you have never experienced pain from treatment and if you try it out you will get the full benefit of what this company has to offer. 

Tell you what, if you want to know how to thrive ask me? Message me and I will answer what you need to know but what I do know is. There is a solution, and I believe in it. 

Well it’s time for bed and I am just starting to thrive. All I gotta say is, thanks cancer, coz without you I would never thrive.

Have a great day

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