This blog rekindled so much, the strength required to beat a desease is imesurable. Reach out to someone that needs some love today, it’s not about them deserving it it’s about them needing you. Only you can do what you do. Choose to be a lion not a victim.

fonzandcancer blogging to encourage.

Good morning, although this blog will only just go out in the am due to my body needing so much sleep last night. The more I do the more I sleep, and I am not talking walking we are just talking menial tasks that seem to tire me out beyond comprehension.

So Lions, personally I would watch a wild life programme on Lions over most things. What I love about a Lion is their strength and power. But what I love most is their ability to be gentle with each other. I love to see people with quite obvious strength, using their sensitivity and intelligence as apposed to the power and strength they have in their arm.

This picture says it all to me, a huge power house of a Lion with his paws around his cub. It’s a picture I can look at, and I get allot out of…

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