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So last night I had no idea where to go but asked God to show me what’s good for tomorrow. My friend Stuart who I had not spoken to in a few months and ironically the person I was with when I met my now wife in Manchester. So here we are celebrating our 9 th wedding anniversary on the Llyn Peninsula. Today I found out how good this place is!

Stewart told me about this pub called the Ty coch inn! Rubbish start to the day as we both felt ill. We are normally out at 9 mooching about and back for tea time. Today we were out at 10.20am which is late for us. The sun was shining and the feel good factor was there! U just believed today was going to be a really good day! Looking at Facebook reviews alone this place had 4.7 stars with over 1200 reviews. Gotta be doing something right you would think!

I followed the sat nav as far as the roads would allow and ended up on the golf course no really that’s where we ended up lol! We now know where the national trust car park is though!

But because we walked the way we did, it gave us the best impact as I had not seen the bat at all until we went down the slope to the back of the pub and there it was. A pub on a beach! My dream location! What a job! Makes me want to buy a boat and come over here from Southport! Sure would bring a new meaning to.

“Off to the pub love!”

Our dogs met other dogs and I can tell you it’s just about the most chilled that you can be is to be at that place.

I sat on the beach with my pint of stout listening to the waves and watching our dogs frolicking in the wave as the found the tennis ball!

A guy called Stuart runs the joint and Key who wears a trilby is one cool guy. I like him a lot. Probably because he’s his own person!

Here are a few pictures for you to enjoy from today! They don’t do chips either! I like that. Everything does come with crisps though lol

Please go and enjoy the place foods served from 12-2.30 each day! Lovely people and great location! You will enjoy it!

Have a great day



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